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Dans cet épisode, je m'entretiens avec Lisa Longo au sujet de la modification comportementale. Elle nous introduit à l'analyse appliquée du comportement, aux notions de renforcement et de punition, ainsi qu'à la hiéarchie de Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA). Ce sont des bases utiles pour mieux saisir comment modifier le comportement de son chien, ou encore pour bien choisir son intervenant en comportement canin.


TV interview – RTL Luxembourg

Report on the school workshops offered by Animal Académie


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New Zealand Podcast with Ryan Cartlidge, for Animal Training Academy


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Will positive reinforcement work for you? The answer is a resounding YES of course it will! One mission of Animal Training Academy is to show that Applied behavior analysis and positive reinforcement works for all animals in all situations. The same techniques are also being practiced all over the world by a large amount of different animal training professionals. In this podcast we head to France and talk to Lisa Longo from Animal Académie about her experiences and the use of positive reinforcement in France.


Article published in the newspaper “Republicain Lorrain”


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"Growls, first signs of aggressiveness ... Do not panic, it is possible to correct your pet’s education through sessions Lisa Longo. Her job: animal behavior consultant.”




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